How do early attachment and childhood trauma (ACEs) influence adult lives?


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Margriet Wentink


  1. In the beginning there is love…

    How do we learn to live, and what do we learn about ourselves, if there is love from the very beginning?

  2. (In the beginning there is love…) Or not?

    The long-term effects of childhood trauma and attachment wounds on the physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being of adults.

  3. Coming to love yourself

    Healing attachment wounds to restore the flow of love to ourselves and interrupt destructive behaviour patterns.

  4. The flow of love

    How can we lovingly support next generations in developing authenticity, autonomy, and interconnectedness?

Margriet Wentink

Margriet Wentink, born in Apeldoorn the Netherlands in 1963, has always been drawn to learning and developing. Educated as a primary school teacher, she worked as a teacher and director at a primary school and as a school counselor at the Regionaal Pedagogisch Centrum Zeeland. In the late nineteens, she met Bert Hellinger’s constellation work, dived deep into the constellation work by Jan Jacob Stam and later on, dr. Franz Ruppert ‘s trauma approach crossed her path. Studying attachment and trauma-theories and intensive work with clients influenced and changed her approach and personal development forever.

She has developed training programs and therapy approaches based on experiences at her own Institute, Interakt for the last 25 years. These programs and approaches are focused on the influence of attachment patterns on teams and organizations, on long lasting or later to appear consequences of early childhood trauma, on pre-, peri- and postnatal psychology and attachment trauma. She offers individual therapy, group therapy and seminars as well as trainings and ongoing education for trainers, coaches and psychotherapists in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, as a direct result of the Covid 19 pandemic, she has adapted the online possibilities and adjusted the method to make it usable for online training and individual therapy worldwide.

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